American Wagyu New York Strip Lover’s Bundle


Try our American Wagyu New York Strip Lover’s Bundle and enjoy some great cuts! Our NY Strip Steaks are tender and flavorful thanks to the abundance of marbling. Plus this bundle will give you a couple small sirloin steaks, couple packs of flat iron steaks and our famous flavored Beef Chips. Oh, and don’t forget that the Flat Iron’s are the second most tender muscle on the animal! Enjoy!


The bundle includes:

(8) New York Strip Steaks

(2) Flat Iron Steak Packs

(4) Small Sirloin Square Steaks

(1) Beef Chips


American Wagyu Sirloin Steak × 4

-100% Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Packaged

-Averages 13 Ounces


$13.19 each

In stock

American Wagyu Beef Chips

The most popular protein snack among our customers, our flavored Premium Beef Chips is perfect for a healthy snack, hiking fuel, or a gracious gift. This is whole muscle jerky sliced to perfection! We offer 3 flavors depending on your liking, Teriyaki/Spicy/Honey. It's referred to as Chips and not true 'Jerky' because it's not as dehydrated as jerky. It's suggested to store this in the freezer until you're ready to eat it. And then storing it in the fridge once opened is encouraged. This item is not dehydrated down as much a commercial shelf-stable beef jerky. The flavor of this product won't disappoint you!


-100% All Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Vacuum Sealed Cuts.

-NY Strip Steaks Average 14 Ounces.

-Ships Frozen.


Additional information

American Wagyu Sirloin Steak

Weight 13 oz

American Wagyu Beef Chips

Weight 5.3 oz

Teriyaki, Honey, Spicy

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