American Wagyu New York Strip Lover’s Bundle


Try our American Wagyu New York Strip Lover’s Bundle and enjoy some great cuts! Our NY Strip Steaks are tender and flavorful thanks to the abundance of marbling. Plus this bundle will give you a couple other steak options to devour! Enjoy!


The bundle includes:

(12) New York Strip Steaks

(2) Chuck-eye Steaks

(2) Denver Steaks


American Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak × 2

-100% Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Packaged.

-Averages 8 ounces each.

-Ships Frozen.

$9.34 each

American Wagyu Denver Steak × 2

Don't forget about the Denver Steak! This newer cut is treasured by top chefs and for good reason. It has been identified as the 4th most tender muscle and this flavorful cut comes from the chuck primal. Cook this steak like any other great steak using the grill, cast iron pan or oven. Cook to medium-rare or medium, slice against the grain and be prepared to be amazed.

$17.84 each

In stock (can be backordered)


-100% All Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Vacuum Sealed Cuts.

-NY Strip Steaks Average 14 Ounces.

-Ships Frozen.


Additional information

American Wagyu Denver Steak

Weight 8 oz
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