American Wagyu Ribeye Lover’s Bundle

$393.90 $372.00

This bundle is for anyone that loves our most prized Wagyu Beef cut, the Ribeye! Here’s a chance to get large 1″ Thick Cut Ribeye’s, Rich New York Strip Steaks, and Sirloin Steaks individually packaged! All of these cuts work great on the grill or fried in a skillet and finished in the oven.

Bundle Includes:

(6) Ribeye Steaks

(2) NY Strip Steaks

(2) Sirloin Steak Packages

American Wagyu Sirloin Steak × 2

-100% Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Packaged

-Averages 13 Ounces


$21.99 $19.79 each

In stock

American Wagyu New York Strip Steak × 2

A mouth watering eating experience full of marbling in this rich cut of steak. A first choice cut by many beef enthusiasts! A simple dash of salt and pepper is all that's needed. Be careful to not overcook this prized steak; melting the marbling will take away flavor and satisfaction. A great option for the grill!

$36.99 $35.14 each

In stock (can be backordered)

Available on backorder


-100% Natural. No Added Hormones.

-Individually Packaged.

-Ribeyes Average 18 Ounces.

-NY Strip Steaks Average 14 Ounces.

-Sirloins Average 13 Ounces.

-Ships Frozen.



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