Bulk Beef Orders

Order a 1/4 or 1/2 of beef and Save $! Wholesale Prices. Limited Availability. Shipping Available. Fill the freezer or split it with family and friends!

Plan ahead. Currently taking deposits for Beef 1/4’s and 1/2’s Summer 2022!

Message us for more information.


Take advantage of our best value available! Order a quarter, half or whole beef processed at a USDA Federally inspected Craft Butcher. This is the same great beef that you have come to have known and loved from our online store. By purchasing a variety of cuts and sharing a portion of the beef, we can offer a package to fill your freezer!

Stock up with with a variety of the best Local, American Wagyu Beef. You will receive a little bit of everything – Steaks, Hamburger, Roasts and other great beef cuts such as Brisket, Skirt Steak, Short Ribs, Tongue and much more! Plan on 1/3 Steaks, 1/3 Burger, 1/3 Roasts depending on your exact requests though.

But Why?

  • Extreme Marbling !
  • Dry Aged Hung – 14 days!
  • Locally Raised and Processed!
  • Individually Vacuum Sealed Product!
  • Incredible Value as a Package!

About our Wagyu Beef

Our World-Class American Wagyu Beef uses some of the most Elite Wagyu genetics and is crossed with locally-sourced Angus genetics to produce a fine, complimentary end-product.

  • Grass-Raised, Grain-Finished
  • Long-Fed (~500 Days)
  • Age and Source Verified
  • All Natural – No Added Hormones
  • Purebred Wagyu Breeding Stock Genetics Registered with the American Wagyu Association


Contact us for current beef pricing. Our pricing is based off of the hanging carcass weight and includes all of the custom processing, packaging, and boxing! Pay one cost for the beef and it’ll be ready for your freezer at pickup. Pickup will take place at Diller Locker Company in Diller, Nebraska or ASC Lockers in West Point, Nebraska. Additional shipping available. A whole carcass will average 900-1200#. Expect about 55% of the carcass weight to turn into actual retail cuts of beef (loss of bones, extra fat, shrink). Customize your own beef cuts, packaging, and create specifications to your desire!

A deposit is required to hold your spot. We have animals available seasonally on a first come, first served basis. Message us to reserve a spot today!

Click the contact us button to learn more!

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